Monday, June 4, 2012

Nor Cal vintner with So Cal grapes

Carol Shelton is a Zin specialist in Sonoma but she sources grapes from other, sometimes unusual locales. The 2008 Monga Zin Lopez vineyard has fruit sourced from south of Los Angeles-the grapes were planted in 1918 and is one of the last surviving old So-Cal vineyards that were so plentiful before the area got urbanized. Grapes from this far south have a different taste that reflects the dry heat of the region.....I can't really explain it fully but the light body and ripe taste of this wine is a bit different from anything from further north. It is a real treat and a good wine to pour for folks who like Zin but are looking for something a little out of the ordinary. $ 19.95 at Shopper's Corner. 8 swiggs.

Bordeaux that is ready to drink

2008 was not too long ago and a lot of wines from Bordeaux will be sitting in cellars for years to come. Not the Sanctus Saint Emilion grand cru, though. This wine is sensational now and has no heavy tannins in the way of the pure fruit flavor. It is a dry red but not overly so,yet it isn't one of those French wines trying to appeal to Napa tastes. I highly recommend it-that is if you can find it. It is $ 44.95 but a really great drinking experience. 9 swiggs.