Friday, August 24, 2012

Ravenswood Zin comes through

I had this wine at a wedding last month and was pleasantly surprised with the quality-so much so that I bought a bottle to try to see if it would be a good budget weekday red. I think it passed the test. This Ravenswood old vine 2010 Zin  isn't a blockbuster but at $ 6.99 it delivers some good flavors. I think it is better than a lot of similarly priced wines and I'll give it 6 swiggs. From Trader Joes.

Well, this used to be a reliable cheapie.

Ten years ago when I was looking for a nice under $ 6 bottle I could always depend on the Perrin Reserve 2010 Cotes du Rhone. Well, times have changed and this wine was not as good as I remembered. It is drinakble and not offending but it might not stack up well against other $ 5.99 wine.....and that's kind of sad. I'll give it 5 will  do when you need a dry red for dinner and can't find something better at the price. From Trader Joes.

Amador zin

This Stonehedge Amador Zin 2010 is not typical of the wines from this region. That said, it is a pretty good drink for $9.99. There's an abundance of raspberry flavors in this rather light bodied entry from the Sierra foothills-most noted for high alcohol wines that will knock your socks off and pretty much clobber your tastebuds with goodness. This one is so light that it is in danger of being trampled by a dwarf. Still, tiny and thin though it may be, it is tasty. At Trader Joes.  6 1/2 swiggs.