Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Petit Sirah deal of the winter

This 2007 Ursa Petit Sirah is not one out of the cellar that has been waiting-I bought it last night at the west side liquors in Santa Cruz. I was not sure that it would still drink well after years on the shelf but I was really impressed at how this wine has held up. Nearly nine years old and it still has intense flavor and the almost black color of the varietal-with 14.5 % alcohol, this Sierra foothill wine is a product of very hot summers with the high alcohol being balanced by the really big flavors. This isn't an overly sweet wine but certainly not as dry as an old-world version-it is definitely California and a really great example of Petit Sirah and the intensity of the grape at its best. At $ 11.95 it is also a real deal for the kind of quality in the bottle. I'll give it 8 1/2-9 swiggs.