Sunday, March 29, 2015

Low budget Italian red thats a winner

Every once in awhile I find a wine where I like the look of the label and I buy it.... even if there's no vintage date and the information on the bottle is vague. Something about this one made me want to try it......I'm really impressed with the flavor at the price. A few years ago I found another non-vintage red from Paso Robles that was also really tasty and less than  $ 5.00 . Wines at this price that are this good are pretty rare so I'm planning on stocking up on this Ocarossa from Trader Joes At $ 4.99 it is one dollar less than out other favorite cheapie - Rabbit Ridge allure de Robles 2013.It tastes like a much more expensive Italian red-much like an Amorone or Ripasso. I'll give this one 7 swiggs.

Saturday, March 7, 2015


I have always regarded Ridge Geyserville as one of the great wines of the world. That's I'm not kidding about this-there's too much good to say about this wine to fit in a short blog post but take my word for it-the depth of flavors without being heavy handed is something that very few wines can match. Go ahead-bring out your grand crus, your classified growths, your Napa cult wines. This bottle will hold its own. 71% Zinfandel for 2012, a bit more than the last one I tried but as always , a masterful blend . This one cost $ 37.95 at New Leaf market and we drank it for my wife's food, just the wine-it can stand on its own. 10 swiggs.