Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sierra foothills zin deal

 Today I'm going to Trader Joe's to try to get more of this Boeger El Dorado county 2011 Zin. At $ 8.99 it is a really affordable way to have a taste of the high octane Sierra foothills Zin. There's a lot to like-tons of flavor and a pretty good level of alcohol to balance. I'm thinking that it would be a good pizza wine, maybe nice to have at a BBQ. Either way, the price is right and it will probably cellar for a few years. I give it 8 swiggs......nice score for something that is under $ 10.00  and hopefully not sold out !

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tobin James weekend

 Yes, I joined a wine club. No, it's not local but it is a place I stop by whenever I'm traveling south. These two wines are really great and don't break the bank, especially with the ample savings from being a member of the club. Without joining, the wine above-Primo Sangiovese will set you back $18.00, hardly a fortune for such a flavorful wine. This isn't like an Italian Sangiovese, more like a Sierra foothills explosion of fruit. I'll give it 8 1/2 swiggs. You might be ale to find this at better grocery stores but I got it at the winery just outside of Paso Robles, Calif. on Hwy. 46.
This is their everyday low cost wine, Chateau le Cacheflo. At $ 11.50 this Rhone blend is really affordable for such a good wine. I'll give it 8 swiggs. The winery has a 20% off per case if you are in the club.....they didn't pay me to write this ! I'm just a big fan and have been for many years. If you like super flavorful wines and aren't afraid of 14+ % alcohol , give Tobin James a try. They offer about 20 different bottles, some humble such as these two on up to fancy reserve stuff that can stay in the cellar for special occasions.