Saturday, March 23, 2019

Well, it was fun.

Hello, Folks. Looks like the ol' Swiggtator will be shutting down. I am turning my household into an alcohol-free zone. Yes, no more drinking for me- maybe forever. I have really enjoyed looking high and low for all the best deals in wine out there- I have gotten an chance to meet some really great people in the winemaking business and elsewhere. I am sad that I have had to end my blog and my memberships to the two wine clubs that have provided me with some of the best wines of the decade.
I have no regrets about all the wine I have had in my life- It definitely made for some good times over the years. Now I am on a different course and I'll be just a spectator now, no longer a proper Swiggtator. Keep on swiggin' and finding those sub $ 10.00 gems !

Cheers, Paul.

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